Together we can!

We all have the power to make a difference and make sure every Nigerian child goes to school.

Nigeria still has one of the largest
populations of children out of school

More than 10 million primary school aged children in Nigeria are currently out of school. These children are not learning the skills they need to fully participate in the economy, improve their lives and contribute to Nigeria’s development.

In 2018, Nigeria allocated only 7% of the national budget to all sectors and levels of education. The recommended amount is 26% of the national budget.

It is the responsibility of every one of us to engage our leaders in government and call for a much bigger budget for education in 2019. The results of a positive change in our education sector will affect every single one of us.

Every Child in school is a campaign to get our
children the education they deserve.

Every Child in school gives us a platform to advocate for better and wider access to basic education in Nigeria. Every Child in school is voiced by Nigerians for Nigerians, with people from all walks of life calling on Nigeria’s decision-makers to make primary education a major priority.

Through online content and offline engagement, the aim is to make so much noise about education that we can’t be ignored. We are asking all Nigerians, especially young people, to call on our government to invest more in primary education, so that this generation has a better chance to thrive.

Will you join us & make a difference in the lives of
millions of children?

Through our various networks, we all influence society. You can also be a big part of spreading this important message.

By talking about the situation and sharing Every Child in school content on your online platforms, you inspire others to do the same. We must reach our decision-makers and convince them to make this issue a priority.

The Speak to our Leaders page is a convenient way to constantly engage our leaders and tell them what we really want for the future of the country.

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about events in your area and how to get involved.